Tammie – Office Administrator Calgary, AB


Hey Ladies,

I have never had hair extensions before but I can assure you, compared to what my friends have had, Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. use top quality products!!! I have not suffered any damaged to my hair and have not lost even one strand out of the 6 bundles I have. I had to use a lot of hair, as my own hair is thick and short! My Sassy Gurl! hair extensions look FANTASTIC!

Sassy Gurl! owner made me feel very comfortable in her beauty salon. I came with a page long list of questions to my consultation appointment, which were answered very thoroughly. She wears her product so was able to let me see and feel it. I was very nervous about sitting in a salon with a stranger for such a long period of time. I was afraid there was going to be awkward silences; however, it was the complete opposite. I truly felt as though she was my long time best friend. We chatted the whole time, while she made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed while she pampered me and looked after my hair!

The owner of Sassy Gurl! is a professional and I enjoy having her as my hair extensionist. The end product is amazing! No one knows that I have hair extensions, they all think it’s my real hair and the color match is bang on!!! I have blonde and red hair and Sassy Gurl! matched it exactly! I never had to recolor my hair, which I was worried about.

If your hair extensions get damaged it’s because you don’t take proper care of them. Sassy Gurl! provides all of the proper hair care products and tools AT A GREAT PRICE, as well as complete hair care instructions, to look after your hair and to keep it looking fresh and new!

I love my Sassy Gurl! hair extensions, they made my experience so enjoyable. I look forward to continuing doing business with Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. for many many years to come.

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