Summer – Project Manager, Oil & Gas Calgary, AB


I was in Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. Salon for the Grand Opening celebration and even tho I’ve never even thought of getting hair extensions, I decided to try on the clip-on Remi human hair extensions to see how they would look on me. I was REALLY impressed by how natural they look and how amazing I feel wearing the long, shiny, beautiful locks! Sassy Gurl! provided me with the PERFECT color match! I was really impressed by how quickly they matched my color – what a great eye!

Just a few weeks ago I purchased a second set in a lighter shade to give me a blonder “highlighted & sun-kissed” affect for the summer – because my natural hair goes blonder in the summer. Now I’m able to mix both packages for more looks.

Both times Sassy Gurl! installed, cut and styled the hair extensions for me, with no hesitation. I was ready for a night on the town! I have been back to Sassy Gurl! beauty salon several times to have them clipped on and styled. I tried clipping them on myself last weekend and it was really easy to do. I will get lots of use from these clip-on hair extension – they are a great accessory to any wardrobe! I would recommend Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. to any girl wanting to try a new look for a special occasion or just for those fun weekends out! I’m so happy I got them – they’re a lot of fun!

Thanks Sassy Gurl!

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