Sassy Malissa – Office Administrator Calgary, AB


I have been getting hair extensions done at a well-known hair extension salon for quite some time, they have well over 20-years experience so I figured they would be the best…however, I’ve been less than satisfied with the service I receive and the shotty workmanship with my bonds slipping out and the hair constantly shedding…not to mention ridiculously high prices that I just can’t afford to keep-up.

I have done a ton of research on hair extensions and checked out Sassy Gurl! professionally done website and was able to see for myself from all the before and after photos, as well as tons of fantastic testimonials – that they do an AMAZING job! I called Sassy Gurl! right away and went in for a FREE consultation.

The salon owner at Sassy Gurl! SAVED my hair! Her work is nothing less than FABULOUS! My hair is so thick and gorgeous and the color match is BANG ON! I could not be happier! I have NEVER had this much hair and at these kinds of prices!! Sassy Gurl! is well operated and managed, very welcoming and relaxing. The owner makes you feel like your best friend and is just doing your hair for fun – it’s very obvious she’s not in it for the money – she truly enjoys what she does and exudes confidence in every area of her work. For the amount of time she spent installing my hair extensions, as well as running her extremely busy salon, it seemed as if time just flew by! She knows her trade very well and it shows in her work.

I suggest anyone who has had problems with hair extension “specialists” in Calgary (and anyone looking for AMAZING sexy locks) go See Sassy Gurl! Don’t waste your time with other hair salons that charge you an arm and a leg for GARBAGE. Anyone who is a client at Sassy Gurl! Can vouch for me, they are the BEST of the best in Calgary, from my experience. Anyone who would bad mouth their work is obviously a jealous competitor trying to mislead her future clients (very sad and immature!) I could go on for hours here…but seriously take my advice. I HIGHLY recommend Sassy Gurl! for your hair extension and beauty needs…you will be walking out with a HUGE smile, just like I do every day – I promise!

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