Sassy Jill – Spa Administrator Calgary, AB


I went to Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. for hair extensions….originally because they were the least expensive and much more affordable for me than any other salon in Calgary. When I went in for my FREE consultation at Sassy Gurl! beauty salon, the salon owner, was very welcoming, friendly and made me feel very comfortable in her cozy salon. The décor is beautiful with the aroma of chocolate, special coffees and candles – more enjoyable then the smell of perm solution, like most hair salons.

In my consultation appointment we discussed what I was looking for. We also discussed how many bundles of hair I would need for the look I was going for. My consultant at Sassy Gurl! explained thoroughly how to maintain them and how to prepare prior to having them done etc. I was FULLY aware of what I was getting before we did the installation. The ladies who work there wear their product so I was able to see and feel what I was getting – there were no secrets or hidden agendas. My Sassy Gurl! hair extensions are amazing! I have not lost one strand and I have a TON of hair – it’s so thick & full! I very often forget I even have hair extensions as they are not bothersome at all. I’ve travelled to Cuba and spent time swimming and my hair is still perfectly intact, shiny, and very natural looking. I have followed the Sassy Gurl! “After Care” instructions and I use all the Sassy Gurl! hair extension products I purchased in Sassy Gurl! beauty salon. Even if Sassy Gurl! raised their prices I would still continue to go back! The excellent customer service I get there is difficult to find anywhere else. I have girlfriends who have had their hair done at reputable high end salons, as well as private businesses and I have seen some awful work! I am thoroughly impressed with the services at Sassy Gurl! Beauty salon.

Take a look at Sassy Gurl! website and see their amazing work! I’m talking from experience – I am a REAL life-long client at Sassy Gurl! Check it out yourself; you will NOT be disappointment if you go to Sassy Gurl! I promise!

PS My hair is GORGEOUS!

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