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Hey Miss Sassy Gurl!!!

OMG – I don’t even know where to begin, or what to say that will even come close to expressing my deepest gratitude to you and for the TOTALLY PHENOMENAL job and MIRACLE that you performed on my hair!!!

I have been researching hair extensions for at least the last four years. As the speed of my hair loss increased, so did my search for some sort of solution. About 2 ½ years ago I had what I thought was a hot and sexy highlight job at one of the top salons in Edmonton. I requested that the stylist leave the highlights to process for ONLY 15 minutes as my natural curly hair processes really fast and any longer would fry my hair. She explained that as a “Master” stylist (at 23 yrs) she was able to read my hair and in the end didn’t listen to me. Well, I enjoyed this new hair color for only a few days because after that the sections that were blond started to break off. It seemed that was the beginning of the end for my hair! I have babied it ever since, spent mega $$$ on products, styling, etc. but nothing has worked to stop the thinning and breakage.

Last fall I bought clip-in hair extensions, but with thin hair they didn’t stay in very well, so I only ‘bothered’ for special occasions. A month ago I became desperate to have hair again and agreed to have these extensions sewn into my hair. OMG – ladies… don’t EVER do this! I had to be desperate to put up with the itching, repeated visits to have the braids tightened and the lumpy tracks against my head.

I searched locally in Edmonton but there seemed to be only one of two options – pay crazy high salon prices or go to someone that may be in the business for a quick buck! Nobody had a website with their own before and after pictures, only stock photos from the hair suppliers. I want to see the work of the people that I would be trusting with what was left of my hair. Then one night I found I was very impressed with the professional quality of their website, the number of pictures of their own work and the fact they are incorporated – yes a REAL company! I knew the owner was serious about her business. I called the very next day and talked with the salon owner and immediately got a sense that she believed in her product – and best of all she wears her product! I interviewed her over the phone with over 20 minutes of questions. When I asked her if she had references that I could call and talk to, I got really lucky. She said that she had a client right there and I was more than welcome to ask her anything – as she had been a long-time client. I spoke to her client and got nothing but excellent feedback!! I decided to book an appointment and drive the 3 hours to Calgary, that’s how impressed I really was!

When I showed up at Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. on Friday evening, the owner kept her salon open late as I was running a bit late due to traffic. I had a horrible corn-row weave, and she was hesitant to even touch my hair. The top of my hair is thinning and she was concerned that the back of my hair was the same, she couldn’t see it because most of my hair was in the weave braids. I said, “I am willing to risk it and try anyways because my only other options are to either cut my hair short or get a wig. And if in the end I have to do that, then at least I know I tried your fusion bond hair extensions.” This is when the customer service that I read about in the testimonials on Sassy Gurl! website kicked in – in full force!

I met with the owner and she suggested a few colours to match mine and I LOVED the wine red she pulled out. I decided that I wanted to colour my own hair to match it, rather than her trying to match the horrible copper colour I currently had. She knew the exact number and brand to purchase and where to get it from. At 6:45pm she called her contact at one of her beauty supply stores and told her she was sending a client over and asked if they would wait for me… the store was closing in less than 10 minutes. I was provided with turn by turn directions to the store over the phone and I got there at the nick of time! When I arrived the hair color I needed was set aside for me and I was on my way before the store closed. Now that’s service!

The next day I showed up at Sassy Gurl! beauty salon, minus the weave. She looked at my hair and to my relief she said “it’s a go”…I was excited that I would be getting hair and not going for a haircut or a wig! She set to work and within no time I had a beautiful head of hair. She took a great amount of care installing each strand of hair to ensure that the short broken hairs weren’t caught in the bonds so that there would be no uncomfortable pulling.

Ladies – my consultant at Sassy Gurl! did such a fantastic job that when I returned to the beauty supply store that same afternoon to pick up hot rollers for my sexy new hair, the lady that helped me just the evening before, didn’t even recognize me!! She was so excited and very impressed that Sassy Gurl! could hide the bonds in my very thin hair. A customer of the store raved how great my hair looked and that she would not have guessed I had hair extensions if I hadn’t revealed it. I have had SO MANY compliments from friends and coworkers – I know this was the best investment ever!! They all want to touch it because it looks so soft, silky and natural. I’ve handed out several Sassy Gurl! business cards and many are so impressed they are willing to make the trek south to Calgary.

I truly feel that I’ve made a friend in my consultant at Sassy Gurl! and that the 650km trips to Calgary for maintenance will be more than worth it – even in the winter. It took a few days for me to grasp the magnitude of what this Sassy Gurl! did for me and gave back to me – – – I now have MY fabulous sassy confidence back! And to add to the fun of having long hair again I bought some cool Jade Green cosmetic colour contact lenses in Sassy Gurl! beauty salon, to really amp up my brand new look! It’s such a huge transformation; I still can’t believe it!

This experience has been so positive and enriching that I believe I got WAY more than what I paid for… it is truly PRICELESS!!!

PS – My hubby REALLY luvs it too!!!

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