Sassy Aimee – Facial Technician Calgary, AB


I first heard about Sassy Gurl! at my workplace. I work at a high end spa and three ladies where talking about how much they LOVED their Sassy Gurl! hair extensions. I had to confirm that they in fact even had hair extensions. These ladies where professionals, in high power careers and in no way could you even remotely tell their hair was not their own! They told me about Sassy Gurl! this fabulous salon. The owner is very professional and they use 100% REMI human hair – top notch, I was so impressed, I made an appointment immediately!

When I went for my complimentary consultation, I immediately warmed up to Sassy Gurl! beauty salon. It is very cozy, immaculately clean, highly professional, well decorated salon and smelled very yummy!!

I met with the owner and she explained the process very accurately and her quote for the price was right on the mark! The best prices I have EVER seen! I really appreciated that because I was getting married in two weeks and had a budget to work with.

When I went for my hair extension installation appointment they offered me an assortment of special coffees, refreshments and treats while thoroughly explaining the process to me once again. All the attention was on me and my experience. I always have fun when I’m in Sassy Gurl! beauty salon and love the fact that they take their time to make sure my hair is always perfect! The hair is BEAUTIFUL!! It is smooth, silky, shiny and feels just like my own. Sassy Gurl! used two colors that match my hair PERFECTLY!

Sassy Gurl! takes the time to give full written and verbal instructions, as well as professional maintenance products at a fantastic price! I love that I walked away with an amazing head of hair that looks like my own. I’m always given all the tools necessary to take care of my investment. Sassy Gurl! is the ONLY hair extension salon that provides a printed receipt with the exact details of the price for my hair and installation. To add to the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE I receive at Sassy Gurl! they periodically check in to see how my hair is doing. Sassy Gurl! truly cares! I’m more then impressed with the amazing customer service I receive at Sassy Gurl!!!

Sassy Gurl! carries some super fun accessories that really compliment their business theme!! The color cosmetic contact lenses are great for special events or to change up your look. I can’t tell the difference between Sassy Gurl! color cosmetic contact lenses or the ones I’ve previously purchased at an expensive eye glass store!

I get nothing but compliments on my hair extensions and have had them in for several months. I went to a salon in Kelowna the day before my wedding (to get my husband’s hair cut) and all the stylists said how blessed I was to have such gorgeous hair! They could not believe that I had hair extensions and have never been fooled! They took Sassy Gurl! business cards and said it would be worth the drive to Calgary because the lady who did my hair their IS SO TALENTED!!

My keratin protein bonds are in perfect shape! They aren’t sticky, they’re small and they match my hair color perfectly…and they NEVER shed hair!! I never have a bond sticking out, the placement is precise and I can still wear my hair in a ponytail or pulled back without it looking artificial!! My scalp feels healthy and no irritation in the least.

The owner of the salon is certified in hair extensions and she wears her product. She has hundreds of before and after photos and tons of excellent testimonials in Sassy Gurl! salon to prove it! My experience with the owner and Sassy Gurl! has been amazing! Jodee is a truly talented artist who is patient, highly professional and without a doubt one of the most honest professionals I have ever met. She will never rip you off.

I HIGHLY recommend Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. You will see for yourself what talent they have! Sassy Gurl! deserves nothing but respect and admiration from all of us clients.

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