Rhiannon – Personal Trainer/X-Cheerleader Calgary, AB


I absolutely LOVE my new hair extensions! I’ve been getting extensions for a few years now. I was a cheerleader and I’ve had every kind under the sun from the weave-in, clip-ins, glue and now the keratin protein bonds. I’ve also had various types of hair from semi-synthetic to 100% human hair and can definitely attest to the fact that the quality of the hair and the installation are KEY.

Not only am I more than satisfied with the product but the customer service was impeccable at Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. Not only is Sassy Gurl! the only salon in Calgary that has the highest quality Remi human hair, all colors in-stock and ready to go, but the owner has proven that she is willing to go above and beyond for her clients.

Upon our first over-the-phone conversation, it was clear that she knew her product, the installation, maintenance – you name it, inside and out. Having had all types of extensions herself, it is in my opinion that she has the edge over a stylist in a salon who simply installs them and sends you on your way.

From the moment I walked into Sassy Gurl! salon I was extremely impressed! Everything was very clean and hygienic and it was clear that the owner took a lot of pride in her business and the quality of her work. She was able to answer EVERY question I had and was also able to physically show me the different products that were available to me. There were TONS of before and after pictures to look at on the internet and in Sassy Gurl! salon. The staff wore the bonded extensions in their hair so I was able to see EXACTLY what I was paying for. The owner even did her own hair extensions, and they look phenomenal!

I’ve been a client at high-end salons such as Minx and have paid more, for a lot less hair. It took a week for them to order my hair in, they are only open a few days during the week and only at select hours. What’s more, the customer service was less than impressive. I remember texting my fiancé during my installation appointment at Minx, very dissatisfied that my stylist was half an hour late getting me in and then chose to chat with her co-worker the entire 3 hours I sat in her chair getting my hair yanked and braided into a weave.

Sassy Gurl! was 100% there for me while I was getting my hair done. My Hair Extensionist made me feel so comfortable, constantly offering me refreshments, making sure that everything looked and felt the way I wanted it to, and she took the time to get to know me. By the time I left Sassy Gurl! salon at 11:30 pm (YES 11:30 pm…they moved their schedule around to fit me in so that I could get in before I left town!) I felt like I had made a new friend.

Their keen sense for color matching saved my butt. I had my hair coloured prior to my consultation. I explained to my Hair Extensionist that I didn’t like my new color at all and that I was going to try and get it corrected at my earliest convenience. Once she knew what color I was going for, she was able to put together a few bundles that worked PERFECTLY for my hair at the time AND with the color correction that the salon did to my natural hair 48 hours later.

To sum things up, I’ve had every kind of hair extension, hair and stylist out there. I have not been more satisfied with the way my hair extensions have looked or felt EVER. Even the stylists at my regular color salon were amazed that I had hair extensions – they couldn’t even tell. When I showed them Sassy Gurl! handy work with the hot fusion bonding they were VERY impressed and asked for their contact info. I’ve been handing out Sassy Gurl! Business cards for years!

I am very happy with my purchase and do not feel like I wasted hours at a salon, but more like I was hanging out with a girlfriend for an evening chatting and having fun! We shared many laughs together in Sassy Gurl! salon.

Thank you Sassy Gurl!!!

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