Nicole – Engineer, Calgary, AB


I had my hair extensions done at a very well-known salon that specializes in hair extensions in Calgary. I was left with a HUGE mess! My hair was horrible; it was as if a four year old child had done it. I went back and complained and they were not compassionate at all, just money hungry people that were out for a quick buck. They even charged me an extra $200 to fix the mess they made in the first place. It’s very surprising, as they are so well known and brag on the radio of how they are the hair extension specialists in Calgary. It was only after my horrific experience that I began hearing stories of other X-clients of theirs that shared the same awful experience with me.

I was so devastated at the mess my hair was in and even more so when more than a bundle of hair (40+ strands) had fallen out in the first few weeks. I was not willing to go back to them again and began looking for a new solution. That’s when I came across Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. website & all their super testimonials!

I made a quick phone call and the owner moved her schedule around to accommodate me IMMEDIATELY! I got in at 9:30 pm! She was wonderful and extremely compassionate when I shared my story with her about what I’d gone through. To my surprise, she had gone through the same thing at this salon so completely understood what I was going through. She removed most of the mess on the sides of my head and put in two bundles of hair at an amazing price for me. She turned the mess that made me feel dreadful into a full, beautiful head of hair. I was so excited; my boyfriend even noticed that my bright smile was back on my face again. I can now walk with my head held high, just in time for our family summer vacation.

The owner was so kind and made me feel very important, comfortable and special in her salon. Because of this amazing experience, Sassy Gurl! has gained a lifelong client in me and I will not hesitate to spread the word to everyone!!!

If you are looking to feel beautiful and confident and you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, I HIGHLY recommend Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. Let them work their magic on you too!

Thanks for making me beautiful Sassy Gurl!

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