Chelsea – Speech Therapist, Calgary AB


I was contemplating getting hair extensions for a while but was really unsure that I wanted to make that commitment both to my hair and my wallet! I ran into Holly one day and thought her hair looked fabulous! She surprised me by telling me she had hair extensions from Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. I was even more blown away when she told me the price…..a full head of beautiful Remi human hair for less than half price of any salon in Calgary!! She passed on a “Sassy Gurl!” business card and I called Sassy Gurl! right away! The owner was so attentive to my needs and answered all my questions and concerns I had about hair extensions. With the amazing hours the salon is open, she fit me in right away for a FREE consultation. I felt so comfortable and informed that I decided right then and there to get them done!! My Sassy Gurl! Extensionist is lot of fun and easy to talk to, which made the process that much more enjoyable!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but everyone I run into thinks my hair extensions are very well done and look extremely natural. I was trying to grow my own hair and desperately wanted longer hair but didn’t want it to look “fake” or “silly”. It’s quite the contrary. I get compliments on my hair every day!

Sassy Gurl! has the best prices I’ve ever seen. I’ve already referred a lady I met at the spa, and she’s going to get hair extensions done at Sassy Gurl! for her wedding in August. I’ll be getting a referral bonus towards any future services at Sassy Gurl!, it’s really a pretty amazing system and has created quite a ripple effect. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions but aren’t sure…I recommend calling Sassy Gurl! They do fabulous work knows their stuff! The best part is, the owner wears these hair extensions herself so she understand her clients wants and needs.

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