Ann – Server, Calgary AB


Several months ago I had hair extensions done by a woman who worked out of her house and I got ripped off! Even though she worked out of her home and collected ‘cash only’ payments working illegally, her prices were ridiculously high! Not knowing much about the different types of bonds and hair out there I trusted her to do good job. I later learned what was put in my head was used hair with home-made bonds of some type of glue that isn’t even meant for hair. All the hair dried out in ONLY a few weeks and shed like crazy all over my house and car. After ONLY two months almost every single piece of hair had fallen out, however, the crappy huge white pieces of what resembled white Elmers glue, were still stuck to my hair and were impossible to remove. My hair color is brunnette and the glue was bright white!

I looked like crap and I was out a bunch of money. I had to wear my hair up or wear hats to hide the horrible mess on my head for months! It was a disaster and I was devastated. It looked like I was going through chemotherapy as I had such little hair left on my head. Two months was all I could handle. I planned on getting what was left of my hair extensions and the big white blobs of glue removed and go back to my short, thin hair, as I was unable to afford any of the hair salons in Calgary, to have them fixed. When I called this “qualified hair dresser” with a cry for help, she completely ignored my phone calls, e-mails and texts. I started searching the internet in hopes that I would find a miracle. I wasn’t able to remove the glue that was left in my hair, so I had to find a salon that would help me out, at as little cost as possible.

That’s how I found Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. They have the best prices in Calgary! All their hair is in packages, unopened and the hot fusion bonds are the proper U shape. I was able to finally get some fullness without paying hundreds of dollars extra.

After going through that horrific experience, I decided to give hair extensions another chance and it’s been wonderful! They’ve lasted, they’re soft, manageable, silky, much longer, the color match is PERFECT and the keratin bonds are brunette to match my hair, so you can’t see them. I have tons of volume and I love it, thanks to Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc. I can’t say enough, they are amazing! The salon owner was extremely sympathetic towards me and has been wonderful. She really cares about her clients and makes you feel really special!

Sassy Gurl! uses 100% Remy human hair. If you do some research you’ll find it’s the best hair out there. It’s the best prices in Calgary for amazing quality hair and lots of it…along with free product and coupons. It’s win/win! Thanks to Sassy Gurl! Hair Extensions & Beauty Services Inc., you’ve really brought the smile back to my face after such an awful experience!

Don’t hesitate to call Sassy Gurl! they will fix you up, just like they did for me!